Born and raised in Los Angeles, the One Shot Productions team stays on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and creativity.

A strong believer in customer service and satisfaction, Roy takes lead on everything front-end at One Shot Productions. He also likes iced coffee and poke with generous amounts of spicy mayo.

ORI HAREL, Co-Founder
A lover of quality productions, Ori takes One Shot’s projects to new heights. His obsession with cutting-edge hardware brings a new flavor and quality standard to the industry. Regardless of on or off the field, you’ll never catch him without a hat on.

ELANA REINGOLD, General Manager
As Roy & Ori’s right hand, Elana handles everything behind the scenes at One Shot. When she’s not handling the usual tasks, she spends the rest of her time ensuring Buddha stays entertained and in good shape.

“BUDDHA”, Company Dog
Buddha is a crucial asset in determining whether or not a video is ready for delivery to a client. He loves being on camera and often magically appears whenever the team is off the field.